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Christmas Acupuncture Vouchers

Treat a friend or loved one to an acupuncture treatment with a voucher this Christmas. 

At Shearer Acupuncture we specialise in three areas of acupuncture:

Sports & General Injury Acupuncture

This is very effective for all sorts of chronic and acute injuries and includes pain management for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. Sometimes one treatment alone can have very strong results. A suggested minimum is a three session package.  Often, if necessary, traditional acupuncture methods are incorporated into your treatments.  

Traditional & Five Element Acupuncture

This utilises the tried and tested traditional methods of differential diagnosis.  This included the Eight Principles (basic Yin & Yang theory), Five Elements as well as Stems & Branches (Feng Shui) and constitutional acupuncture.  It is used for all sorts of acute and chronic conditions by identifying patterns of disharmony in the meridian system and seeks to restore the balance and flow or Qi and vital fluids (Jing) in the organs and body. It is about the interconnected relationship for energetic exchange through ‘nourishing and controlling’ or the vital organs your mind and emotional landscape. Typical problems include, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, women’s health, diseases of the internal organs, general wellbeing and vitality. 

Cosmetic (Facial Rejuvenation) Acupuncture

This is fast growing in popularity and for good reason.  It works!  Don’t expect Botox or face-lift results but, in summary, cosmetic acupuncture helps restore blood flow and nourishment to the dermal layers as well as stimulate collagen production, fill out creases and create a tightening and lifting feeling and appearance that lasts a considerable time.  Your skin is an external reflection of your internal health and in combination with the Cosmetic Acupuncture we will aim to help restore inner balance through Traditional Acupuncture.  Although it is strongly recommended to take a course of 6-10 sessions of 2-3 weekly sessions, even a one-off  ‘pre-party/event’ session gives desired boost to appearance and confidence. 


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