Edward Shearer

BSc(Hons)OM, MBAcS

Edward Shearer has a passionate interest in natural health and wellbeing. He wants to share this knowledge and gift through healing and education. He is trained in classical five element acupuncture, specialising in an array of complaints from the simple to complex.
He also offers in Beauty Acupuncture, combining cosmetic and traditional acupuncture methods.
Edward Shearer BSc(Hons)OM, BA, Dip, MBAcC


BSc(Hons) Oriental Medicine

Licenciate in Acupuncture, International College of Oriental Medicine

BA Religions Studies & Social Anthropology, School of Oriental & African Studies

Diploma in Swedish Massage

Member of the Acupuncture Society, UK

Facial Revitalisation, Jong Baik Education

Theory & Practice of Cosmetic Acupuncture, Morningside Neuro Acupuncture Centre

Balance Method on Acupuncture Treatment




International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM)

Sept 2004 to July 2008

Four years full time training at ICOM, including a thorough grounding in orthodox anatomy, physiology and pathology.  ICOM specialises in traditional ‘classical’ acupuncture including the 5 Elements method.  Edward combines this with the more popular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and modern sports science approaches. 

First Teaching Hospital in Tianjin, China

June to July 2007

Specialist teaching and research hospital for neurological, stroke and paralysis.  

Turks & Caicos Islands

Dec 2010 April 2011 

Private practice under a local physiotherapist’s premises.  

Sussex Medical Chambers, Hove, East Sussex

2011 to 2014

Private practice.

Grace Bay Medical Centre, Neptune Court, Providenciales, T.C.I.

2014 to present

Private practice.





Edward Shearer trained for four years at the International College of Oriental Medicine in the UK, graduating in 2008. He is also qualified in Swedish Massage. See www.orientalmed.ac.uk for more details.

He also trained under experienced acupuncturists at the Tianjin First Teaching Hospital in China (http://www.tjutcm.edu.cn/) in 2007. This is well known for treating stroke victims as well as other neurological, muscular and skeletal disorders. Patients come from as far as Australia and New Zealand for long-term recuperation.

Cosmetic / Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

2010 Theory and Practice of Cosmetic Acupuncture, Morningside Neuro Acupuncture Centre

2014 Jeong Baik, Korean Cosmetic Acupuncture


Martial Arts and Fitness training and Coaching

Edward Shearer started on the path of Chinese health practices in 1996, beginning with qi gong (pronounced ‘chee gong’, lit. ‘energy work’) and Wing Chun, Shaolin and tai ji martial arts (pronounced as written but often, also ‘tai chee’). Daily tai ji quan (‘chuan’) and qi gong practice he regards as an essential and inseparable aspect of being an acupuncturist. The philosophical and practical themes at the root of health, qi gong and the martial arts are the same.