At Shearer Acupuncture we provide Classical Acupuncture, Beauty Acupuncture and Sports Injury Therapy. Where appropriate, all methods employ the classical approaches using the holistic and practical 5 Elements and Yin-Yang theories. In every case, rest assures that your individual needs and circumstances will be carefully considered

Cross Training for Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

Through my extensive personal experience in various sports pursuits, and BCCMA Level 2 coaching qualification, I can analyse your movement methods for your sport such as running and offer one or a series of one-to-one coaching and cross training.  This has many benefits and aims:

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of the affected area
  • Learn effective and adaptive exercises for preparation, warm-up or cross-training for your sport
  • Help prevent further injuries 
  • Understand your body and movement mechanics in a new way
  • Reduce the need for further treatments and therapy