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Classical 5 Element Acupuncture for Mind & Body Health, Beauty Acupuncture, Sports Performance & Injury Rehabilitation

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Fully certified and licenced acupuncturist under the British Acupuncture Council & member of the Health Practitioners Board, TCI

  • Edward Shearer BSc(Hons)OM, BA, Dip, MBAcC

    Edward Shearer BSc(Hons)OM, BA, Dip, MBAcC

    Edward Shearer has a passionate interest in natural health and wellbeing. He wants to share this knowledge and gift through healing and education. He is trained in classical five element acupuncture, specialising in an array of complaints from the simple to complex.
    He also offers in Beauty Acupuncture, combining cosmetic and traditional acupuncture methods.

What my Clients Say

Past and current acupuncture clients' testimonials

  • I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis over 20 years ago as I was reluctant to go onto anti inflammatory medication thought I would try acupuncture. Over the years have had a few practitioners, since moving to Hove I am being treated by Edward Shearer. I still have arthritis but manage the condition without conventional treatment so preventing the stomach problems that they would most likely have caused. Acupuncture certainly works for me and I am happy to endorse both Edward and this form of treatment.

    Anne, Osteoarthritis

  • My knee has been absolutely fine and I have wanted to say a huge thank you because I don't think I could have completed the marathon if I hadn't had the treatment you gave me. I had a great marathon experence - no pain during or after - and I loved (just about) every minute of it. I had a slight emotional glitch at about 24 miles which I have since termed "nearly there" was that horrible feeling of nearly being finished but realising you had a few miles to go still. All credit to your skill and knowledge though - I appreciated the fact that it didn't hurt (the acupuncture) and I enjoyed discussing barefoot running with you and the advice you gave me about the barefoot squatting (which I can just about do now). I would certainly recommend (and already have) the treatment to anyone facing similar issues (ITB and "knee" pain) or any other sports related injuries.

    Sandra, Marathon Runner: Knee and ITB Pain

  • Ed was recommended as someone who could help to relieve my knee pain through acupuncture as I was only weeks away from competing in my first Marathon and suffering badly. Whilst I was sceptical at first the treatments definitely helped ease the pain and the proof is in the fact that I completed the course, despite having previously been advised by a physio that I shouldn't be running at all.

    Jon, Marathon Runner

  • I came to see Ed after 3 years of back trouble. I had been seeing an Oestepath for 3 years and this had no effect. In the end I went back to my GP and I was referred to a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and he found that I had four bulging disks. As a runner, i was told that my career was over. I found out about Ed and that he treats sports injuries. I was at first sceptical, however, after 2 sessions, I was able to run again and I have been more or less pain free for nearly. a year. I can't explain how acupunture works, but I have to say, it has worked for me in a very powerful way. I would highly recommend Ed, he is very professional and passionate and believes in what he practises.

    Andrea, Fast medium distance recreational and competitive running

  • Ed has been such a great help with my ongoing sporting injuries! I am very glad I gave acupuncture another try as I had previously seen a local acupuncturist with little success. I have a history over the last 3 years of weak knees and as a very active person I have inevitably experienced injuries. Having received a diagnosis from my doctor of patella tendonitis I was offered anti-inflammatories and that was the extent of the treatment available to me. I had also tried many other forms of treatment as I was desperate to get back to health, from chiropractors to physiotherapists. None of which seemed to help. Luckily I came across Ed and I can highly recommend his services. He was professional, very passionate about acupuncture and dedicated to helping my ailments. I found his approach refreshing as he empowered me to take control of my health and gave me faith that I could get better. He complemented treatments with exercises I could do at home to strengthen my weaknesses and educated me about how my body moves whilst I’m exercising which has been invaluable. Unlike other medics and health professionals I have visited for treatment previously, Ed was not focused on getting me tied into a long commitment of treatments but actually solving the problem. It was definitely worth the trip to come in to see him at the clinic in West Hove. If you have tried other treatments without results definitely give Ed a go!"

    Kirsty, Eastbourne, East Sussex, Fitness and recreational running